Why Custom Boxes are So Famous

21 Apr 2022, By Jeff Parker

Why Custom Boxes are So Famous

First of all, it is important to understand the difference between standard and custom packaging boxes. Standard boxes are pre-made and offer no customization margin.

So, custom-made boxes are designed as per your requirements. You can order them in any size, color, style, or design. There are no limitations at all!

So, custom design boxes give your brand a competitive edge. You are known in the market for your exclusive box styles and printing. Thus, personalized packaging has successfully replaced standard packaging.

Do you want to know more about it? Perfect! Keep on reading this blog till the end.

Unlimited Customization

Do you know custom boxes are the best way to project your brand's creative design philosophy? Yes, that that's true. Whether you own an apparel, cosmetics, shoes, toys, or food brand, you can bank on customized packaging.

It is a game-changer and upscales your brand marketing. Feel free to print logo design, text, color, or artwork. It adds an X factor and distinguishes your packaging in a hyper-competitive market.

Next, you can go the extra mile with premium laminates, finishes, embellishments, and high-quality printing. This is just the beginning! Stick to this blog for more information.

Hassle-Free Process

Customization is an experimental and fun-filled experience. It brings your vision to life and makes the impossible possible. Yes, that's the power of customized packaging.

Most importantly, it takes a few minutes to design customized boxes. All you need is to click "get a free quote" and follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Add your name, email, and phone number
  • Select the box style and stock
  • Mention the exact box dimension
  • Enter the total number of boxes required
  • Choose the color and add-ons
  • Mention the extra details in the comment section
  • Attach the reference file and submit the form

Top Quality Printing

Customization is a gateway to amazing print and packaging ideas. Whether you want fancy, blank, one, or full-colored boxes, we've got you covered. Urgent Boxes is the hub of excellence and offers the finest quality like never before.

We have the latest software, machinery, and cutting tools to manufacture the boxes as per your requirements. If you want digital or offset printing, you can bank on us.

Share the design samples and accurate printing in no time. Digital printing provides the best results with no color matching, fading, or ink bleeding issues. Everything is par excellence!

Versatile and Functional Box Styles

Standard packaging is boring. It lacks creativity and undermines the customer's unboxing experience. But, custom design boxes are exciting, versatile, and attractive. Whether you want the subscription, mailer, gift, or shipping boxes, we've got your back.

We have the packaging materials, box styles, and expertise to fulfill all your orders. Let us see what we have in stores for retail brands and businesses.

Countertop Display Box: Enhance your brand visibility and triple your sales in no time. Showcase your products in display boxes, and you are good to go!

Dispenser Boxes: Perfect for storing lightweight and small items. Tear the perforation, and a pocket will pop out. Take out your favorite items and close the pocket.

Tray and Sleeve: It gives a memorable opening experience. Perfect for packing cigars, jewelry, chocolates, perfumes, and watches.

Two-piece: Looking for durable and spacious custom packaging boxes? Two-piece is a conventional box design perfect for packing shoes, apparel, food, toys, and electronics.

Environmentally Compatible Packaging

Kraft, cardboard, rigid, and corrugated boxes are eco-safe. All them are reusable, reducible, and recyclable. Thus, there is no greenhouse gas emission or land pollution. Most importantly, we offer harmless and non-toxic laminates, finishes, printing ink, and add-ons. Hence, it makes the customized boxes 100% earth-friendly.

Aqueous Coating

Are you looking for eco-safe laminates? Aqueous coating is the best substitute for gloss and matte coating. It is affordable, versatile, and provides great results.

Foil Stamping

It is also planet-friendly. It is a high-end printing technique applied with high pressure and heat. Since it's a solvent-free process, so, the results are phenomenal.

Spot UV

Like foil stamping, it poses no environmental threats. It adds shine and protects the logo from fading, smudging, or scratches.


Do you want to elevate the customer's tactile experience? Go for embossing and debossing. It adds texture and depth to the logo, brand name, or artwork. Need more information? Read add extra value to your product with custom boxes.

Cost-Effective Packaging Solutions

Retail businesses love to order custom boxes wholesale. It is more than just a packaging deal. It reduces the price per unit; thus, you get huge discounts on bulk quantities. Moreover, it lowers the energy, material, and fuel consumption. As a result, it decreases the carbon footprint. Most importantly, wholesale orders are processed and shipped quickly. , it is a cost-effective and hassle-free process.

Final Thoughts

Urgent Boxes is a game-changer packaging company. We have worked with local and multinational brands. Our excellent craftsmanship, fast turnaround, transparency, free digital proof, and round-the-clock customer care service make us the best custom boxes supplier in the town. Work with us, and you will fall in love with our craft. For more details, call +1-646-224-2228 or email

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