This is why Custom Boxes are so Famous

21 Apr 2022, By Jeff Parker

This is why Custom Boxes are so Famous

When it comes to cannabis/marijuana products, they require proper protection as their packaging. Medicinal products demand a packaging that fully covers and shields them from sun rays. Most of these products also require extra thickness to their packaging in order to preserve their goodness.

Henceforth, custom boxes have fulfilled all these needs and requirements marijuana products. Furthermore, with customization, you are introduced to ways you can add to its exquisite look. In a progressive world, where people don’t have time to stop by and look at things, making an appearance of your marijuana products that fascinates your customers is important.

With custom made marijuana boxes, you can make sure that all the needs of your products are being fulfilled. That is why they have created much hype in the industry. Moreover, since customization helps you make a laudable outlook, your marijuana boxes become an all-rounder!

Thus, the prime concerns of brands get fulfilled with these custom made marijuana boxes and are being preferred by them greatly as well. Following in this article are mentioned some tips regarding customization you can apply on your marijuana boxes to make them stand out in a throng of many other custom boxes!

Choose the Material you want for your Custom Boxes

Team Urgent Boxes provides one of the finest quality stocks for the production of your marijuana boxes. With a strong and fine material, you ensure the protection of your product from every aspect. If your material is of good quality, it will protect your medicinal products and not allow any damage to it. Moreover, if the stocks have eco-friendly properties, they will ensure hygiene. It is because no harmful chemicals are used to produce eco-friendly stocks.

We provide paperboard, cardboard, Kraft and corrugated cardboard for your marijuana boxes. All our stocks have great eco-friendly properties and will be easily recyclable. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your packaging being a threat to environmental safety. Moreover, people are now more aware of the toxicity in our environmental affairs. That is why they are considerate about the products they purchase. They want to make sure that the purchases they make are safe for the environment and surroundings.

However, with eco-friendly stock, you cater to this concern and become a volunteer to the environment as well!

Get Uniquely Styled Boxes!

We offer a wide range of box styling. These uniquely constructed boxes will help you make your boxes stand out and have a better outlook. When your marijuana boxes will be displayed on a shelf amongst many other boxes, they will surely outshine others!

You can use the following box styles for your marijuana boxes

  • Tray and sleeve boxes
  • Hexagon Two piece boxes
  • Gable bags
  • Double wall tuck front boxes
  • Straight tuck end boxes

All these box styles are intricately and innovatively crafted. Thus, they will be able to provide an exquisite outlook to your marijuana boxes.

Steps to Achieve an Exquisite Outlook

The world of customization at Urgent boxes is creative. We encourage our clients to think out of the box and brainstorm. Usually clients get confused and indecisive when introduced to amazing multiple options. They don’t know how to decide and personalize their very own packaging outlook. For this purpose, we offer free design support. Our panel of professional designers will help you to form a packaging which will make a classic look of your marijuana boxes.

With these additional features, you can easily get an attractive outlook. They will make your marijuana boxes reside in the hearts of the customers!


Foiling is one of our most demanded and preferred additional features. You can use it to outline the logo on your marijuana boxes. Hence, it will make your logo stand out and your brand will be easily recognizable as well. Foiling is of gold and silver usually. However, you can customize the color of your foil as well.

Embossing and Debossing:

With embossing and debossing, you can give an intense look to your marijuana boxes. Hence, this element will give a 3D effect to the logo or patterns on your custom boxes. As a result, your boxes will have an intense outlook!

Die-cut window:

As the name suggests, a die-cut is a window-like structure.. This showcases the integrity and loyalty of your order to ensure protection of the product through the window.

Printing Techniques:

With digital and offset printing techniques, you can get a long lasting print for your marijuana boxes. Also with the help of our design support, personalizing elegant designs is no more an issue!


Especially if you have prints personalized for your custom marijuana boxes, it is paramount to give a seal to them in the form of coating. Coating will not only give a rich outlook to your marijuana boxes. They will allow your boxes to attract and grab the maximum attention towards them. With a nice layer, your custom boxes will be able to easily stand out.

We offer three different types of coatings. With a matte coating you will get a tough exterior to your marijuana boxes whereas a gloss coating will give a shiny exterior. An aqueous coating is a high-end glossy yet watery coat. You can choose the coating style you want. It will surely make the look of your boxes unique!

You can have a Wholesale Purchase of your Custom Boxes!

One of the main concerns of Team Urgent Boxes is to make sure that the customization process of our clients turns out to be not only fruitful, but economical as well. Many clients have budget issues when they come up for customization of their marijuana boxes. For this purpose, we offer CBD boxes wholesale. You can grab a bulk of your custom made boxes without having to worry about a high expenditure. You can also benefit from our shipping services. They are safe and totally reliable. We will safely deliver your packaging to you. Also, our shipping service is free. So you don’t have to worry about paying for it too!

This is one of the main reasons why custom boxes have gained popularity. You can customize your boxes and get rid of ordinary packaging without having to worry about expenses!

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