Tips to Design a Creative and Eye-Grabbing Essential Oil Packaging Box

01 Sep 2023, By Adam

Tips to Design a Creative and Eye-Grabbing Essential Oil Packaging Box

Operating cannabis business and looking for quality packaging to store essential CBD oil? Mostly oil is contained in glass and plastic bottles. These fragile bottles are more likely to crush or break. Custom CBD oil boxes are one of the most suitable options for storing oil containers in a better and secure manner. Moreover, they are highly customizable. You can design the box layout, shape and size under the need of the stored items.

Having no idea about customization. This blog is a complete guide to give for newbies. It will you detail idea about the customization method of creating a bespoke custom CBD oil box wholesale. Let’s give it a thorough read to become skillful in customizing a personalized package.

Finalize the Shape and Size of Essential Oil Box Wholesale

CBD oil containers do not have standard shapes. They come in large and short sizes. You can count on a ready-made package. They have regular sizes and are unable to modify. Now customization has made everything smooth and easy for you. Instead of relying on the standard boxes, you can create your custom-made box in an ideal size following the product’s needs. Apart from the box’s size, you can transform a custom CBD oil box into a round, square, or oval shape as oil containers demand. Indeed, a right size packaging will give a perfect and flawless look to product’s packaging.

Give A Modish Look to Oil Packaging with Trendiest CBD Essential Oil Boxes

Those days have gone when brands used to utilize a particular box’s design for storing various kinds of retail goods. Now, trends are altered. There are found multiple designs of boxes. You cannot opt for an irregular package without considering the product’s specifications. We have listed the most appropriate and user-friendly box styles for essential oil packaging wholesale. These are as follows:

  • Reverse tuck end box
  • Straight tuck end box
  • Tuck front
  • Sleeve packaging
  • CBD oil box with window
  • Oil box with compartments
  • CBD oil packaging with hang tabs
  • Two-piece box

Pick Out Durable Material to Customize a Sustainable Oil Packaging

There is a huge possibility of damaging CBD oil glass containers because of average-quality packaging. They require hard packaging to sustain for a more extended period. Its ultimate solution is the selection of quality material. We have handpicked the most reliable and first-quality stock options for CBD oil packaging. They include kraft, cardboard, rigid and corrugated cardboard. Brown kraft paper and cardboard are the finest solutions for retail owners. They are cost-effective, durable and eco-friendly as well. However, they are flexible. Adding sturdy flutes can increase the strength of kraft and cardboard paper. Additionally, rigid boxes are more expensive than the former options. You can pick them out for a gift or promotional oil packaging. 

Add Extra Touch of Individuality with Incredible Finishing and Add-Ons Options

A customization procedure is incomplete without opting for finishings. It comes in the final steps of customization. You can apply additional solutions like coatings, add-ons and embellishments to give a sophisticated look to the box’s surface. Coatings like a gloss and matt enrich the color prints and offer a shiny and soft texture. You can choose eco-friendly aqueous coating to create compostable packaging. Moreover, there are finishings like embossing, debossing, foil stamping etc. Hot foil stamping elevates an individual image, like a logo. On the other hand, embossing and debossing laminate the entire box surface, giving prints a three-dimensional effect. Lastly, adding inserts in the box assists in keeping oil bottles organized and unbreakable.

Reasons to Prefer Custom CBD Essential Oil Boxes for Cannabis Busienss

At the end, you must be interested to know the key points of custom CBD oil boxes. How they are advantageous for your retail brand?  The reason are given below:

  • Highly Customizable
  • Affordable packaging solution
  • Give utmost protection against the environmental damage 
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Best tool for brand’s promotion 
  • Help in boosting up the sales

Why Choose Urgent Boxes?

Urgent Boxes is your go-to landing place in town for customized packaging and printing. We are a notable name in the packaging industry. You can rely on us to personalize a remarkable package. Our custom-made boxes have always been the center of the client’s attraction due to their outstanding nature. Our company prioritizes the client’s satisfaction no matter what. Therefore, we use premium materials, advanced die-cut machines, top-notch printing methods, and add-ons to ensure the construction of an ideal package. Place your order now to buy custom-fit CBD oil boxes wholesale in the required sizes, materials, colors and shapes.

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