Trending Paper Bags and Where to Buy Them

14 Jul 2022, By Adam

Trending Paper Bags and Where to Buy Them

Every person's concern is saving your food to eat later, preserving your oily food and ensuring they do not get contaminated. Food requires a proper covering. People usually buy extra food or make food at home to save for later use. To ensure these items stay safe, having wax paper bags is more of a need than a want.

A lot of people are currently using wax paper bags. They are in demand by many brands as well. Some food companies or bakeries use these wax paper bags to present their food to their customers!

Moreover, you can also have custom wax paper bags instead of ordinary paper bags. Since brands now consider wax paper bags as a proper form of their packaging, they choose to personalize their bags. Hence, having custom wax paper bags rather than ordinary paper packaging will not only help you improve sales, but you will be able to own your packaging!

Moreover, many new brands do not have a large budget for fancy and extravagant packaging. These brands have benefited from custom wax paper bags as they are cost-effective and budget-friendly. With the ongoing trend of convenient packaging styles, there is no other form of packaging as convenient as wax paper bags!

Urgent Boxes; Your One-Stop Shop!

  • Urgent Boxes is the best place to buy wax paper bags and customize them.
  • Your wax paper bags will be able to preserve your food fully.
  • Moreover, it is a guarantee that your food will not get contaminated.
  • You can personalize your wax paper bags according to your requirement! 

Wax paper bags are now in trend and are highly preferred as a better mode of packaging. Thus, you can have enhanced branding with custom wax paper bags.

How to Style and Personalize your Wax Paper Bags!

By customizing your wax paper bags, you can make them presentable. Unquestionably, food requires a fine presentation as well. Moreover, customizing them will allow you to own your packaging, and it will speak for your brand. 

Following the steps below, you can easily customize unique and trendy wax paper bags for your precious food!


  1. Design and decide on a print or choose a color for your wax paper bags. Some brands make their paper bags extraordinary by having designs and different patterns on them. It is a way to lure customers. However, some clients choose to be highly minimal and simple regarding their packaging.
  2. The next step is to use add-ons to make your packaging a class apart. With add-ons, you can add details to your packaging. At Urgent Boxes, we offer the following add-ons:
  • Foiling
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Die-cut window
  1. As a finishing step, you can give the final touches to your custom wax paper bags by coating them. Before they are ready to reach the market, you must ensure that your packaging leaves no stones unturned to be attractive, trendy and unique. For this purpose, we offer coating. With coating, your custom wax paper bags will become exquisite, and your packaging will be sealed.

Pro tip: You can also customize a handle on your paper bags. Thus, they will become easy to carry for the clients. 

Free Design Support:

Customization can undoubtedly be stressful. When you are in a position where your company's success is bestowed in your hands, you need to be careful with every step you take. We provide a panel of professional designers to our clients. With their guidance and support throughout the customization process, you will be able to have attractive wax paper bags for your food items. 

Furthermore, there are no charges to get help and guidance from our experts. They are available for you without you having to pay for them!

Eco-Friendly Paper Bags

  • Having eco-friendly packaging is one of the most important aspects of packaging.
  • The environment has been risked over the years due to harmful forms of packaging such as plastic that is not recyclable.
  • One of the major reasons why wax paper bags are in trend is because these paper bags can be recycled easily.
  • There is no fear of your packaging being harmful to the environment.
  • Moreover, the wax paper bags manufactured at Urgent Boxes are super-fine. Thus, it means that:
  1. They can do the needful, i.e., preserving the food and keeping it fresh.
  2. These wax paper bags can be easily recycled and are biodegradable as well!
  3. You have customer-friendly packaging as well as packaging manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals, completely safe for the environment!

Free Shipping:

  • Clients are tired of the troublesome shipping process and want someone to deal with the entire hurdle. Shipment procedures are unquestionably stressful, and if not taken care of properly, they can also be highly draining for the clients.
  • It is no secret that Team Urgent Boxes has worked hard for years to have the best services in town. Thus, we now offer shipping services as well.
  • Our team is responsible and professional enough. Hence, we are highly cautious and considerate regarding shipping processes. We ensure to deliver your custom boxes no minimum right to your doorstep within the allotted time.
  • The shipping method and the whole process are completely safe. We value your trust in us!
  • Moreover, we do not charge for shipping services. Our shipping is completely free for our clients.

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