Choose the Right Packaging To Keep your Blunts Fresh and Safe For a Long Time

19 Apr 2023, By Adam

Choose the Right Packaging To Keep your Blunts Fresh and Safe For a Long Time

Do you know custom blunt boxes with logos are a powerful marketing tool? The signature logo design, color palette, and slogan sets your brand apart. And above all, it maximizes the shelf presence at cannabis dispensaries. Besides the logo design, the quality substrate is the most important because it provides the utmost protection to the blunts. Moreover, strong and durable packaging keeps the blunt fresh and safe during transit.

Hence brands prefer cardboard and kraft blunt boxes for all the good reasons. So this blog highlights and discusses the various style, stock, and their importance. It is time to learn more about it!

Cigarette-Style Custom Blunt Boxes

Cannabis is the fastest-growing industry and is worth billions of dollars. And it is widely used in the vape, medical, and food industries. However, one of the most popular ways of consuming cannabis is blunts. All you need is to fill the tobacco wrap with cannabis, and you are good to smoke.

Since there are high chances of bud scattering, a safe and practical custom blunt box style is a must. And for that, cigarette packaging is the best. It is shipped flat, occupies less space, and is easy to assemble. On top of that, it’s a stylish packaging design that gives the blunts a sophisticated look. 

Tray and Sleeve Packaging

It is also known as drawer packaging. The tray moves back and forth like a draw and the sleeve fully covers it. Hence you can place 6,9, or 12 blunts in a box. This two-piece box is popular for its trendy and easy packaging style. The smokers can easily slide the tray, take out the blunt cigars and push back the tray. Hence it provides the utmost convenience to the users. Moreover, it offers amazing design, color, and print options.

Counter Display Custom Blunt Boxes

Counter-display custom printed blunt boxes are perfect for display purposes. It is a standing unit and provides ample storage space. Thus you can place as many blunts cigars as you want. In addition, you can give it an eye-catching look with powerful images, descriptions, and slogans. Hence when the customers arrive at the cash counters or display units, they look at the packaging. And if it is impressive enough, it convinces them to buy. Thus it improves the marketing game and boosts sales.

Reverse Tuck End Style

This style is widely used in the cosmetic, electronics, and cannabis industries. It has a sleek design structure and keeps the blunts safe from damage. It is named so because it’s flap tuck in the opposite direction, unlike the straight tuck end style. However, you can customize it in kraft stock for a more classic and vintage look. Its signature brown color and coarse texture give it a natural look. If you want unlimited color, design, and print options, cardboard is ideal. You can customize the cardboard in your preferred box style, size, color, and design.

Wholesale blunt packaging with inserts

Do you want to extend the shelf life of boxes and prevent the bud from scattering? Well, all you need is to add dividers or inserts in the box. The inserts partition the box and create enough space to house the blunts.

As a result, it prevents the blunts from bumping into one another. Hence it keeps its structure and filling intact. Moreover, the inserts prevent the boxes from shrinking or crumbling. In fact, it improves the durability, strength, and functionality of the packaging. And you can order the inserts in any color, style, shape, stock, and size.

Use of Green Packaging Material

The cannabis-infused products are in high demand, and so is their packaging. Therefore, sustainable custom blunt boxes are the smartest option to meet the influx of demand. Hence, you can design them in kraft, cardboard, or rigid material.

It follows the 3R rule ( reduce, reuse, and recycle) and causes no potential harm to the planet. Besides, the kraft and cardboard stock is shipped flat; thus, it reduces the shipment fare and benefits the brands in the long run. So you can order wholesale blunt packaging without worrying about the landfill and greenhouse gas emissions. In a nutshell, green packaging is a cost-effective option.

Why Choose Us?

Urgent Boxes is a proficient custom box manufacturer across the United States Of America. Our in-house team comprises skilled and talented graphic designers, estimators, sales representatives, and a quality control team. Hence they give their best shot in designing wholesale blunt boxes. Whether custom printed or plain box, you can blindly trust our experts, and they will exceed your expectations.

The best part is that we provide premium customization services at affordable rates. You can order hundreds or thousands of boxes; we will provide free shipping and doorstep delivery service. What are you thinking about? Dial +1-646-224-2228 and talk to our packaging consultants or email We are excited to design eco-safe, attractive, and unique blunt boxes at the best price!

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