How to Seal Mylar Bag A Complete Guide [Updated] 2024

24 Nov 2023, By Adam

How to Seal Mylar Bag A Complete Guide [Updated] 2024

Mylar bags are the best choice if you are looking for ideal and practical packaging to preserve food and other products. Various brands choose these bags for the long-term storage of products. But, mylar bags serve better if you seal them properly. Thus, this article will teach you how to seal mylar bags. 

Of course, these flexible and durable bags are important for storing all kinds of products. Proper sealing of Mylar bags prevents product spoilage. So, how do we seal these bags? Let’s start the discussion. 

Process How to Seal a Mylar Bag

Mylar bags are essential for protecting products. They can prevent germs, humidity, and other factors from entering. So, without delay, let’s disclose the essential steps for sealing mylar bags. 

Material Needed

Get excellent quality mylar bags 

To get the best results, you need high-quality mylar bags. The most essential thing you must remember is the exact size of mylar bags according to the product. 

The Right Heat Sealer 

Do you need the best tool to seal mylar bags? 

Well, the impulse heat sealer is ideal. This tool can generate heat to seal all the edges of the bags together. Moreover, in this way, you get the airtight seal mylar bags. 

Oxygen Absorbers

To extend the shelf life of preserved food, you must use the proper method to absorb Oxygen. The right heat sealer will absorb Oxygen and keep the needed amount in the bag. 

Follow the Steps 

Before sealing a Mylar bag, you must know its structure. These bags consist of various plastic layers inside out and an aluminum layer in the middle. This layer is efficient for long-term food storage. The process of sealing Mylar bags includes five main steps. You have to follow them for the safety of your products. 

  • Step 1 Prepare Your Product 

Ensure that the items you are going to store are clean, dry, and moisture-free. To do this, you can use oxygen absorbers to stop spoilage and enhance protection. So, place the oxygen absorber before the bag is sealed. 

  • Step 2 Open the Mylar Bags

The next step is to place the products inside the bags. For this, open the Mylar bag and put the items inside. Moreover, ensure that there is space left inside the bag for sealing. 

  • Step 3-Fold Over the Top 

To get a clean and flat surface for sealing, fold the top part of the Mylar bags. This will help you seal the bags without any inconvenience. Also, this procedure helps you save your items from all kinds of contamination outside. 

  • Step 4 Set Up the Heat Sealer 

This step is essential and helps me understand how to seal mylar bags. So now you can start the process by turning on the heat sealer. Also, you must set its temperature according to the mylar bag material. It would be helpful if you took the time to read the manufacturer instructions. This will help set the ideal temperature for the sealing of bags. Further, you can put pressure on the heat sealer arm to apply the heat and pressure. You must hold it for a few seconds so that the material can melt. 

  • Step 5 Check on the Seal

The last step is to check whether the seal is done correctly or not. This will help you get an error-free sealing procedure. Tug on the sealed area to check its validity. Besides that, you must know that the Mylar bags are airtight. If you find something improper, you can release the air from the Mylar bags. For this, start by pressing the Mylar bags from the top and then go down slowly. It will release the air from the bags and make the Mylar bags fully airtight. 

These steps will help you understand the sealing process of mylar bags. But if you are new and have not done it before, start by sealing ordinary bags. Moreover, the above-mentioned instructions will help you get better results for sealing mylar bags. 

What thickness of seal is required for mylar bags?

Knowing how to seal Mylar bags is not enough to achieve excellence in packaging. You must be aware of the real thickness that is required for Mylar bags. 

For more information also check our blog ablout: Ultimate Guide to Mylar Bag Thickness

Thus, the impulse sealer will give 2mm, 5mm, or 10mm seals. But, the thickness is adjustable according to the product's needs. The polar bag packaging should have a thickness of 5mm. For thin polybags, 2mm thickness is enough. Hence, the 8mm thickness is necessary to prevent the bag from bursting. 

Wrapping it Up

In conclusion, you understand the importance of sealing mylar bags for long-term preservation. Luckily, we provide easy steps for the proper sealing of mylar bags. Remember that you must practice the steps to get better results for storage purposes. An appropriate guide on how to seal mylar bags is essential. Thus, we carefully mention all steps to simplify the process. 

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