How to Seal Mylar Bag A Complete Guide [Updated] 2024

24 Nov 2023, By Adam

How to Seal Mylar Bag A Complete Guide [Updated] 2024

Introduction to Custom Mylar Bag

As a retail business owner, you must hear about mylar bags. These bags multipurpose and are used to store a wide range of delicate and lightweight products for a longer period. But mylar bag packaging is considered the most preferred option for food packaging because of its heat, odor, moisture, and light-proof qualities. Moreover, you can tailor them into any custom-made shape, size, color and material.

Purpose of Sealing Mylar Bags

Do you know mylar bags come at the top of the list when preserving the freshness and actual flavor of perishable food items? However, improper sealing of bags can be a major cause of destroying the physical quality of food. That’s why properly sealing mylar bags is essential for the long-lasting storage of food items. Apart from that, you can use these boxes for various other products. These bags are a highly reliable and healthy option to stock vulnerable items for an extended period. Moreover, you can also use printed bag packaging for the brand’s marketing. 

Are you curious to know how to seal these bags flawlessly? This blog will inform you about some excellent ways that can assist you in sealing custom mylar bags like experts. Then pause for some time to give a thorough read to this article.

What is the Procedure for Sealing Mylar Bags?

This is the primary question that we are going to deal with. There is no need to be worried, as sealing mylar bags is a pretty simple procedure. We are going to discuss it step by step. 

Various Options for Sealing Mylar Bags:

First, we will tell you about a few procedures for sealing mylar bags that are trending in the market. The names of these methods include:

  • Impulse sealing 
  • Direct heat sealing 
  • Band sealing
  • Chamber vacuum sealing

Heat seal is one of the most effective strategies for custom mylar bags. Let’s highlight the details of sealing mylar bags following the heat seal procedure. 

Steps to Follow for Sealing Mylar Bags:

Are you unfamiliar with the procedure of sealing mylar bags? Don’t get fret. We have covered you by writing this blog. Following are a few steps that you can act upon

  • Suppliers You Required Before Starting Sealing Bags:

You have to collect the following essentials before the beginning of the sealing of bags. 

  • Mylar bags:

The selection of apposite-size mylar bags is essential. You can opt for the size of the bag following the quantity of packed products. And one more thing you must consider is avoiding the overfilling of bags.

  • Oxygen Absorbers:

Oxygen absorbers, tiny-sized packets containing chemicals, are used to bolt up the oxygen. They do not let the air enter inside the package and enhance the shelf life of items. 

Don’t know how to choose the quantity of oxygen absorbers. It’s quite simple. You can select it following the size of the bag and the number of inside items.

  • Heat seal:

Investing in a top-grade heat seal is crucial to creating a permanent and productive seal. 

You must make sure to set the right temperature. Managing adjustable temperature will create a perfect seal and lower the chances of damaging the bag. 

Heat Sealing Technique to Seal Mylar Bags

After accumulating the above essentials, you can proceed with the sealing process. You can adhere to the following footsteps:

Get Ready for the Food:

First of all, prepare the food items that are going to be stored inside the bag. Before storing food items, you must ensure that food is completely dry and moisture-free. Sogginess and moisturization can result in the spoilage of food.

Insertion of Oxygen Absorbers:

After that, you are intending to include oxygen absorbers. The users must decide the number of oxygen absorbers following their product’s demands.

Sealing of Bag:

This is the final step of heat sealing. You must tread on the following options to create a permanent seal on the mylar bags. 

  • Spell out excessive air from the bag
  • Locate the open end of the mylar bag between the jaw of the heat sealer
  • Make sure the activation of the sealer
  • Assure the complete closure of sealed 

After that, you can inquire about the seal of the bag. How does it work? It’s not complicated. Simply, you can press the sealed part of the bag. If you feel any air leakage, you can go for the bag resealing. In addition, labeling bags with the product’s details and the date of the sealing can be a helpful way to keep track of the food’s shelf life. 

Methods for Creating an Error-Free Sealing for Mylar Bags:

Looking for a strategic approach to produce an excellent sealing of mylar bag. Then you must follow these steps:

  • You have to select a high-end bag with 4-5 mil thickness.
  • It is essential to use an appropriate-size oxygen absorber following the dimensions of the bags.
  • Make sure to expel the air from the bag before sealing it.
  • You must heat the heat sealer at the right temperature. 
  • Overloading bags with essentials can have a bad impact on the sealing of bags. So, you must make sure to place relevant items.

Major Advantages of Using Custom Sealed Mylar Bags:

Do you keep on using regular boxes for the product’s packaging? It’s time to think beyond and adopt innovative methods to excel in the competitive environment. Custom mylar bags are the most ideal option. Their following features make them the most apt and solid packaging.

  • Easy to customize into any required shape, size, and color
  • Offer air-tight and long-standing storage to the food items
  • Cost-effective and lifelong packaging solution
  • Provide odor, oxygens, moisture, heat, and proof packaging
  • 100% biodegradable and viable to reuse or recycle
  • User-friendly: Easy to carry, store and display


Needless to say, sealed mylar bags are the ultimate solution to preserve the freshness and actual taste of food for a longer period. We hope that you have found this blog worth reading. You can protect the nutritional value of products by creating seal mylar bags by following the above techniques. You can contact us at Urgent Boxes for further queries. 


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