CBD Boxes

CBD Boxes

Get Custom CBD Boxes to Witness a Massive Change in sales and Marketing!

CBD boxes help you give a defined and better protection to your CBD products. With custom CBD boxes, manufacturers can smartly build a well-structured packaging for these medicinal products. The demand for the CBD products has drastically increased within the past few years. The recognition of cannabodial products has awoken the much needed awareness of its products’ benefits.

A CBD personalized box by the manufacturers themselves will allow them to add or subtract from their boxes. This means that upon receiving the control on their CBD box packaging, they can design what to have and what not to have in it. This can range from the stock materials to the minute exterior details as well.

Team Urgent Boxes has delivered exceptional quality custom CBD oil boxes and hemp oil boxes. Moreover, we have structured one of the finest cannabis seed packaging as well. With an improved version of packaging, it is a guarantee to witness changes in the sales. The market is more inclined towards a quality packaging and hence, an enhanced branding is ensured and unlocked!

Our Printing Services are Immaculate!

Personalizing a box outlook involves the foremost step of designing the box print. A print for the CBD packaging will help manufacturers communicate with their target audience. There are many people who will have their first experience of using CBD products and hence, would require instructions.

In order to design a print for your cannabis products, include your brand logo and basic details, information regarding the CBD product and some precautionary measures. Furthermore, our clients can take guidance from our team as well!

Our printing techniques are highly equipped. We offer digital, onset and offset printing. Thus, our clients get to decide their printing style preference!

Mark the Finishing Details

We have always ensured to deliver excellence. Hence, we suggest our clients to personalize perfection as well. As a finalizing element of the customization of the boxes, we offer coating. With coating, you can cover the box print, giving it a glazy and eye-captivating effect. There are 3 coating options available i.e. gloss, matte and aqueous.

Increased Protection of the Cannabis Products with our Fine Stock Collection!

It is paramount to deliver your CBD products safely to the customers. Thus, the packaging of these products must be of supreme importance and shouldn’t lack in any aspect. Given the technicality in structuring a CBD packaging, the stock selection must be outstanding.

Choosing stocks like paperboard, cardboard, corrugated cardboard and Kraft will prove to be remarkable. Further increase in its thickness will guarantee the safety you demand. All these stocks are eco-friendly, which also means that the boxes will stay germ-free. As a matter of fact, we provide these stocks in their finest and top-notch forms!

We Ensure to Deliver Child Resistant Boxes for your CBD items!

One of our prime concerns has always been to ensure that the customization of medicinal products always has a child protectant packaging. Henceforth, we structure all the boxes for Cannabis products highly child protectant for a guaranteed safety.

Guarding the safety of your kids is important. With medicinal products at a place, keeping them out of reach of children is equally as important but in case the child gets in contact with the box, it is important that the packaging to be child protectant.

Having child resistant boxes helps to gain your customers trust, which also reflects a brands’ integrity. Indeed, safety must be the topmost-priority!

Budget-Management with Wholesale Purchases!

Working within a certain budget limit can be stressful. However, it can easily be tackled with our wholesale offers. Team Urgent Boxes offers wholesale grabs to their clients at a highly economical and budget-friendly rate.

Therefore, get CBD tincture boxes wholesale or CBD boxes wholesale without looking at and worrying about the budget limitations. Team Urgent Boxes got you covered!

Free Delivery!

We believe that our duty doesn’t end at the personalization of your boxes unless the packaging hasn’t reached to the doorsteps of our clients. Thus, we offer free delivery worldwide of your customized boxes with utmost care and safety!

Our Design Support!

Our team has skills, experience and all the knowledge you would want to have to design your cannabis seed boxes, CBD tincture boxes, child resistant boxes or any CBD product packaging. With the guidance of our design support, it will be easy to style your packaging and have boxes that stand out in appearance and quality!

It is to be noted that our design support is free and costs no extra charges!

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