5 Creative Custom Eyeliner Box Designs

15 Jul 2022, By Maxwell

5 Creative Custom Eyeliner Box Designs

Brands look forward to having aesthetic packaging for makeup products. Makeup is art, which needs to be reflected through your packaging. For a long time, brands have neglected how their packaging appears. Soon enough, brands realized it was high time they also focused on their packaging.

The packaging of eye makeup, in a truer sense, demands the most attention. The eyeliner boxes demand to be highly attractive. People have been dealing with ordinary packaging for a very long time. It's time for them to have the ideal packaging that is also pleasing to carry.

Soon after the concept of customization, brands started to adapt to a custom packaging for their custom eyeliner boxes. Many brands were working for a better and modified packaging for their eyeliners all at once. However, having a unique look of your packaging was in the hands of the brand.

When we say that your packaging will help you reach heights of success, we mean it. Through a unique, aesthetic and artistic look of your eyeliner boxes, you will make your packaging:

  • Stand out the most
  • Have the most attention directed towards you
  • Increased sales
  • Wider recognition and popularity

We at Urgent Boxes truly believe in allowing the imagination to come to reality. Thus, we allow our clients to be in control and form packaging for the eyeliner boxes they have always wanted!

Here are 5 creative custom eyeliner boxes ideas for you!

Have an Appealing yet Convenient Box Structure!

Eyeliners do require attractive packaging. Thus, you can now shift from an ordinary box style to a different yet attractive box. Our sleeve boxes will be the perfect fit for your eyeliner boxes. A sleeve box consists of a sleeve that covers the tray on which you place your packaging. They will also provide a sleek and satisfying unpacking experience to the customers. Moreover, the eyeliner will also stay protected in the sleeve boxes. 

Different box styles are one of the smartest and most creative techniques to make your eyeliner boxes stand out!

Reflect your Eyeliner Type through your Eyeliner Boxes

One major way brands stand out as expressive is through their prints. Your box print is your basic outlook. Hence, it is important to be considerate towards it. Prints must be alluring, but at the same time, they must be able to represent what you want the customers to know about your product.

Hence, you can uniquely design prints that express your eyeliner for this purpose. For instance, if you have colored eyeliner, you can make your eyeliner boxes of the respective color. Furthermore, at Urgent Boxes, you get access to the digital, onset and offset printing techniques.

Coat Your Eyeliner Boxes to make them More Expressive!

To top off with a print, you can also give a coat to your boxes. Here's how you can classify the coats along with your eyeliner styles!

  • If you have gel eyeliner, an aqueous coating will be the perfect fit for such eyeliner.
  • With simple, matte black eyeliner, a matte coating will be ideal.
  • And with eyeliners of different colors, gloss coating will do the job!

Team Urgent Boxes surely knows how to use all the features at hand creatively. It is true to state that most of the time, people make a purchase just because the packaging is too tempting to resist. Thus, creatively working on your packaging will make your eyeliners for your customers hard to resist and worthy of a purchase!

Intensifying the Tiny Elements on your Eyeliner Boxes!

It is important to give details to your packaging. This way, your eyeliner boxes will become more intense and expressive. For instance, if you have different designs, illustrations or patterns on your eyeliner box, you can give some fine additions to them!

You can choose to emboss/deboss those elements of your boxes. Mostly, clients design a print and think that the job is done to have a laudable exterior. However, your box looks are crucial to design and demand the most attention!

Logo-the Most important aspect of your Eyeliner Box!

The competition in every industry keeps growing with every passing day. However, the cosmetic industry stays the most competitive. We now have multiple brands manufacturing the same products trying to lead one another. Neglecting your packaging has never been of any help to any brand. 

Hence, making your logo look exquisite on your sleeve boxes is a task you cannot overlook. With our foiling feature, you can easily make a unique and appealing logo.

Moreover, you can also choose to customize the foil color as well!

Additional idea by our team!

One of the features we have to offer, a die-cut window will help you in many ways!

  • It will look highly notable on your eyeliner boxes!
  • You can choose to be creative with your die-cut and have a die-cut window of a different shape. For example, the shape of an eye or your eyeliner!

Our design support!

  • We at Urgent Boxes have helped clients reach the heights of success they have always wanted to achieve!
  • To guide our clients, we provide a panel of professional designers.
  • Thus, you can personalize a highly creative and trendy eyeliner box for your brand!
  • Moreover, our design support is completely free for our clients. Hence, you won't have to pay to get our experts on board with you through your customization process!

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