What is Foil Stamping?

27 Jan 2024, By Adam

What is Foil Stamping?

There are various printing techniques available in the market. But foil stamping is unparalleled when it comes to quality, uniqueness, and durability.

First of all, it is an ink-free process. Yes, you heard it right. Instead of ink, pigmented foil is used. It has numerous benefits. For example, there is no color-matching issue, ink bleeding, or smudging. The colored foil is printed in the exact color. Thus, the results are excellent.

Most importantly, hot stamping is a versatile printing method. It is available in red, rose gold, silver, blue, green, and copper. Pick your favorite color and upscale you’re packaging like never before.

The Application Processes

Foil stamping is a one-of-a-kind printing method. It is applied to particular areas instead of the entire box. You can use it on the brand name, logo design, slogan, or artwork. The purpose is to draw attention to the details and highlight certain areas.

It is a fancy technique, but the application is quite simple. It consists of metallic plates to create unique designs and patterns. The colored foil is transferred to the substrate with high heat and pressure. It gives accurate and phenomenal results.

The best part? It is a solvent-free process; hence everything is neat, clean, and organized. No mess at all!

Types of Foil Stamping 

There are numerous kinds of foil stamping that are applied to give a three dimensional effects to the packaging. You can choose the type of foil stamping based on the packaging substrates. Let’s discuss the most common types of hot foil stamping:

Flat Foil Stamping

Actually, flat foil stamping is the most popular, quick and cost-effective procedure than other types. This method contains on transferring any kind of copper or magnesium dies on the surface of substrates. Ultimately it results in upraising the design from the surface. Magnesium dies cost less than copper dies and easy to manipulate because of their light-weight and flexibility. Besides, copper dies are heavier and takes a lot of time to heat.

Sculpted Foil Stamping

It is one of the most common type also known as multilevel foil stamping. It is much more expensive than the regular flat foil stamping. In sculpted foil stamping, brass dies are utilized to create a definite and carved look.  Brass dies are flawless in quality and versatility.  However, they are having capability of running over one million impressions.

Vertical Foil Stamping

Vertical foil stamping is a technique that is actually utilized to apply foiling on cylindrical shapes and flat surfaces as well.  In this method, silver and gold color foiling is actually used to produce a luxurious and rich feel.

Peripheral Foil Stamping

As the name suggests, it is applied to the outermost region of the substrate (across the entire circumference). This technique is applied to transfer foil heat to on 360 degrees outer perimeter of different substrates. 

Traditional Foil Stamping

How to make a foil stamp? All you need is an aluminum plate or a die. The particular design or pattern is engraved into the die.

The unique design is created in foil with the help of cutting-edge machinery. Finally, it adheres to the substrate with high pressure and heat.

Want to add more than one color? For that, we need separate metal dies. The die needs to be applied orderly to get the desired color.

For embossing or debossing, a special die is required. It gives a 3D texture to the surface and takes your packaging to the next level.

Digital Hot Stamping

It is more advanced and versatile as compared to traditional printing. It heats up the foil and transfers it onto the surface in one go. It gives excellent results and is capable of producing a variety of colors.

Digital hot stamping is quite popular among graphic designers. It gives them a free hand to channel their creativity and bring their ideas to life. All you need is to think, and the machine will do its job!

It is an easy and efficient printing technique with endless benefits. You can easily print multiple colors; thus, it saves time and big bucks.

Matte or Gloss Surface; foil stamping works the best on which surface?

Join Urgent Boxes and explore a whole new world of customization. You will be amazed at the materials, box designs, printing methods, and add-ons. The brands can customize the packaging the way they like. With us, it's just the beginning.

Foil stamping is a finishing technique, and to unleash its full potential, the box surface counts a lot. Since foil stamping gives a shiny effect, it looks the best on matte coating. Let us break it down.

Whether you order cardboard or rigid packaging, surface laminates are a must. It refines the surface and protects it from dirt, grease, scratches, and wear and tear. It makes the custom packaging strong, long-lasting, and versatile. 

For instance, gloss coating gives a glass-like appearance. It is already glossy and would undermine the beauty of foil stamping. Therefore, it would look breathtaking with a matte coating. The Matte surface is subtle and lackluster. Hence, the gold, silver, copper, or rose gold foil pops out. 

Go Green with Foil Stamping!

Sustainable packaging has transformed the print and packaging trends for all the right reasons. Manufacturers and consumers have opted for green packaging, and there is no going back. 

At Urgent Boxes, we provide 100% earth-friendly packaging. We use recyclable stock (kraft, cardboard, rigid, and corrugated). Not only this, but we also offer environmentally compatible finishes (foil stamping) and laminates (aqueous coating). Wow, that's a big news!

Isn't it great that foil stamped printing is versatile, durable, and eco-safe? It means you can decorate the custom boxes without damaging the environment. In a nutshell, the foil stamping packaging is reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. Way to go!

Benefits of Foil Stamping 

It is one of the coolest ways to make your packaging stand out from the crowd. It is exclusive, eye-catching, yet subtle. It oozes class and sophistication.

Therefore, this technique is used for high-end packaging. You can use it on perfume, jewelry, makeup, and electronics packaging. It gives a premium feel, and it's impossible for the customers to ignore your packaging.

Hot stamping is quite flexible and can be applied anywhere on the box. If you want to keep it minimal, use it only on the logo design. As a result, it stands out and hooks the customers. 

Do you want to go the extra mile? You can couple hot stamping process with embossing or debossing. It is a big game-changer and looks stunning. Wondering how? Well, the printing with foil stamping adds shine, and embossing gives a 3D effect. Overall, it gives the customers a memorable tactile and visual experience. Sounds good!

Final Words

Hot stamping is more than just a printing technique. It is one of a kind and effortlessly elevates your packaging.

It adds style, elegance, and grace and steals the limelight. Whether you apply it on full-colored or plain packaging, it looks phenomenal. Its unparalleled class makes it the perfect add-on for high-end packaging.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is foil stamping used for?

It is a target-specific technique and adds shine to the logo, brand name, and artwork. It is versatile and can be applied to business cards, boxes, and fabric. Moreover, it is available in different shades to complement the packaging.

Q: What is the difference between foil stamping and foil printing?

Both are the same. The colored foil is transferred to the surface with high heat and pressure. Thus, it firmly adheres to the substrate. Since it is a dry printing method, it gives excellent results.

Q: Is foil stamping durable?

Yes, it is more durable than ink printing. No ink bleeding, smudging, or matching issues. The foil is applied with high heat so it is permanently carved onto the surface. However, rough handling damages the foil and fades away with time.

Q: Why hot stamping?

It is a high-end printing technique and adds finesse and shine to the packaging. It gives a premium feel and promises the customers an incredible visual treat.

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