5 Methods to Store and Protect Cannabis Seeds for Extended Time

13 Sep 2023, By Adam

5 Methods to Store and Protect Cannabis Seeds for Extended Time

The majority of people are not concerned about cannabis seed packaging. They assume that seeds are invincible and immune to harmful environmental elements. This is not the case. Seeds contain hard shelves but can easily become targets of moisturization, humidity and sunlight. Subsequently, they lose their natural nutrients and become infertile. Thus, good packaging is pivotal to keeping your valuable cannabis seeds fresh and healthy. You can preserve the genetic seeds for an extended time and enhance their richness by storing them under the right conditions.

Want to master the art of seed’s securing?  In this blog, we will discuss a few helpful techniques to retain the richness and productivity of cannabis seeds. So please stay on this page and keep reading it to become familiar with the art of preserving CBD seeds.

Pick Out a Right Size Seal End Cannabis Seed Box

First of all, you must ensure the usage of a fit-size box. Improper size packaging can become the main cause of product damage. The products do not befit right into the box and keep on fluctuating. A sealed end box remains the best option. It has air-tight bottoms and tops. They do not let the air, moisture and sunlight inside the box. As a result, the seeds are prevented from contamination, pests and germs etc. On the other hand, they also not expose to storage and shipping shocks. 

Manufacture Seed Packaging with Biodegradable and Sustainable Material

Another effective way to enhance the shelf life of cannabis seeds is by using top-quality material for cannabis seed packaging. It is very easy to become influenced by any material advertised. You have to stay extra careful about the material’s selection. However, we suggest cost-effective and best-quality materials. They include kraft and cardboard paper. Both of these papers are made with natural substances. They are 100% recyclable and resistible to moisture, humidity, travelling bumps etc.

Choose Custom Mylar Bags for User-friendly and Long-Lasting Seed Packaging

Looking for short-term CBD seed packaging? Custom mylar bags are an apt choice to store nutrient seeds for a longer period. They are flexible, and you can customize them to your requirements. Apart from it, you can rely on them due to the following benefits:

  • Cost-efficient and the best choice for those who want to reduce their packaging costs
  • Child resistance
  • Immune to moisturization and odor
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Seal end closures
  • Endurable to travelling bumps, punctures and tears etc.

Cannabis Seed Box with Thick PVC Sheet: Secure Option for Display Packaging

Running a retail business and requiring efficient cannabis seed boxes for display purposes? Then seed packaging window with PVC sheet is the best choice for display packaging. The window in the box helps showcase the seeds before the audience and is a practical option for safe packaging. Furthermore, adding PVC sheet on the window multiplies the products’ security. The CBD seeds stay intact and unharmed against germs, soil, dirt etc.

Add Strength and Striking Touch to Seed Packaging with Laminations

If you are unsatisfied with the above methods, another option is best to assure 100% protection of the cannabis seeds. This process includes the laminations of the box’s surface with incredible coatings. The coatings on the box offer an extra covering of strength and help to withstand the traveling traumas effectively. Multiple coating options include gloss, matt, aqueous and varnish.

Select Urgent Boxes for Top-Quality Custom Cannabis Seed Boxes

There exist numerous packaging suppliers in the industry. Hesitant to trust any online packaging company? Leave all options on hold and hand-pick Urgent Boxes. We are the leading packaging manufacturers in the world.  Our team includes the maestro of packaging who knows how to create a safe and sound cannabis seed packaging wholesale. Moreover, we assure the supply of top-rate services on a guaranteed time. Order from us now and get ready to benefit from our outstanding services.

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