The Role of Inserts in Customized Packaging Wholesale

15 Feb 2023, By Tokio

The Role of Inserts in Customized Packaging Wholesale

There exist huge contests among the brands regardless of what you sell. Brands are always on the quest to emerge in the crowd and attract the attention of buyers. Therefore, they go for customization. Customization offers you a wide range of options to customize a box. One of them includes inserts, also known as compartments and dividers. Though, the insert’s use in the box seems insignificant. But it can be of great value.

The Significance of Custom-Made Inserts in the Wholesale Packaging

Usually, inserts are considered a tool to hold the packed items. Besides this, inserts are of great worth. Here we will shed light on the inserts in detail. There are two types of inserts such as:

  1. Box Inserts
  2. Promotional Inserts

Each of these inserts has its significance and use for different purposes. Let’s see the difference between these two:

Box Inserts: Used for the Protection of Fragile Items

The main intention of buyers to locate the box inserts is the product’s safety. Dividers in the box keep objects intact and compact during storage and shipping. In this way, objects are prevented from fluctuations and stay unharmed. Besides this, they also provide an incredible unboxing experience to the audiences. Mainly, clients demand inserts holders when they have to pack luxurious jewelry items like rings, bracelets, etc. You can go with kraft and cardboard inserts in the box. They are durable in nature and resistant to scratches and smudges etc.

Promotional Inserts: Used for the Brand’s Advertisement

The other kind of insert is called a promotional insert. The purpose of promotional inserts use is brand marketing. You can communicate with the buyers by printing the inserts with the logo and informational details about your company. Printing informative content on the inserts establishes the buyers' trust and promotes your brand’s name. For promotional inserts, Eva and Eva’s foams are the best choices.

What are the Key Elements of a Cardboard Box with Inserts?

Inserts are found in different materials. Each one has its importance.  The importance of a cardboard box with inserts includes the following:

  • Act as a shelter and keep products protected
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Easy to customize
  • Provide a fantastic unboxing experience
  • Create brand awareness

What are the Various Kinds of Box Inserts?

We primarily utilize four types of inserts. The characteristics of each type of insert are discussed below briefly:

  • Kraft Insert:
  • Secure delicate items from damage
  • An ideal choice to keep light-weight perfume bottles and skin care serums segregated
  • Applicable for printing options
  • Cost-effective
  • Cardboard Insert:
  • Long-lasting and climate-friendly as well
  • Available in different thickness
  • Compatible with printing, add-ons, and finishing options
  • Inexpensive and versatile
  • Foam Insert:
  • Light-weight and durable
  • Idea choice for packing luxurious items like rings, bangles, bracelets, etc.
  • Viable for printing and additional options
  • Available in grey, black, and blue colors
  • Suitable for large and scratch-vulnerable products
  • Eva Foam Insert:
  • Eco-friendly
  • Used for packing high-cost and fancy items
  • Attainable in multiple colors

Examples of Inserts Use in the Following Boxes:

Nowadays, inserts are in trend. They have become a necessity of each brand. Some use them for promotional purposes, while others need them for the security of the products.

Donut, Cup-Cake and Chocolate Boxes with Inserts:

Donuts, cupcakes, and chocolates are among the most consumed bakery items. They come in various sizes. People prefer a single cupcake box for a large number of packed mini-cupcakes. The same is the case with the donut box and chocolate box. You can customize a large-sized box in a tuck-front or sleeve box style with inserts. Due to heavy pressure during shipping and storage, bakery items like chocolates, cookies, and donuts are prone to crack and breaking. The addition of inserts in the box keeps items unharmed and unbroken. It depends on you to choose the type of inserts you want.

Perks of Selecting Urgent Boxes:

There are numberless advantages to choosing us. It will be hard for you to believe. We are among the top-rated packaging supplier all over the world. Our company has attained the customer’s confidence by providing cutting-edge services at economical costs. Besides this, we offer many services to simplify the customization process for our beloved clients. Our phenomenal services include the following:

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