Role of Inserts in Customized Packaging

15 Feb 2023, By Tokio

Role of Inserts in Customized Packaging

Whether you own the online brand or need safety options for products. It is time to go for customized packaging Inserts. They add value to the business and help you safely deliver items. Your customers feel bad when they find the packaging boring without inserts. Because they expect a big look from your brand, like a personalized look or customized inserts. 

This first haphazard makes them feel you do not care about the customers' needs.

But, in Reality you do care. But many other things grab your attention, and packaging remains at the bottom of the to-do list. 

With a little effort, you can make a long-lasting impact on customers. Packaging inserts bring back the lost value of products in the market. It can turn the imaginary world into reality. The reality is that your customers would be happy with your product packaging. 

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Why the packaging inserts have great importance for any business?

How can they help to increase the value of the brand and products?

What is the right way to choose inserts for products?

Types of Packaging Inserts

There are different kinds of packaging inserts. But here you know about the most popular ones. 

  • Cardboard Packaging Inserts

Cardboard inserts boxes are versatile and durable when you have to deliver several products. They can manage the extra space inside the boxes and give an exact fit. So, in this way, products remain safe and do not collide with each other in custom boxes. You can achieve sustainability by using customized packaging made of cardboard. It is recyclable and has no bad impact on the environment. 

  • Pulp Packaging Inserts

Molded pulp inserts provide great protection to fragile products. They are perfectly moldable in different shapes and sizes. Its thickness can be increased to cover the maximum protection needs. Further, these inserts serve best for odd-shaped or delicate products. 

  • Foam Packaging Inserts 

The most important point about foam inserts is that they are extremely lightweight. It will give you less shipping cost and provide the needed product safety. This type of insert is more resistant to scratches and surface wear. 

  • Plastic Packaging inserts

Like the molded pulp inserts, the plastic inserts are also flexible. But they are not eco-friendly. Besides that, plastic has not the same resistance as pulp against external harm. 

Benefits of Using Inserts in Customized Packaging

The benefits of using the custom Inserts for your product packaging are many. Explore the most important ones. 

  • Building Connection 

To win customer’s trust in today’s world is necessary. To stand out from the rest of the brands and build a strong connection with the customers can be difficult. But, it is not impossible. Packaging inserts enable you to give your customers a special feel while delivering the products. You can manage communication with customers through customized packaging inserts. But first of all, you must be aware of the following things about customers.

  • Know the target audience and its interests
  • Have a clear brand message on top to impress buyer
  • Must understand how to beat the competition and resonate above all

Customized packaging inserts offer you many ways to show your brand message. They help you become the center of attention with a sweet brand message. Further, you can give an idea of how much you care about the customers. 

Protect Your Products and Keep it in Style

Every business cares about the customer’s needs and prioritizes them. The most important one is the safety of products. No one likes to receive boxes with damaged products Inside. Thus, the box inserts can be used to minimize the damage and ensure safety. 

The packaging inserts provide support to packed items. The best thing about these inserts is that they make the shipping of products secure and sound. Further, they can excite the customers when they receive the packaging. The stylish and organized look of products gives high perceived value to your brand. 

Making Customers Loyal to Brand

They have already bought something from your brand. But what can bring back to them at your brand is something important? If a customer’s first experience goes well with you, they must come back. 

68% of consumers say they stick to those brands that give them special treatment. For this, you have the custom inserts to get help. The personalized look and brand names on the insert cards make you different from others. Further, it builds customer’s trust in your branded products. 

Educating The Consumer

Another benefit of packaging inserts is that they educate customers about product usage. You can add the details about the product on the insert cards to help clients. It will impact customer’s minds very positively. Customizing the packaging inserts is the most resourceful way to become noticeable in the market. You can share the brand journey or other details to get maximum attention. 

Impact on Customer Satisfaction and Brand Perception

The use of packaging inserts is phenomenal for your brand. It gives customers a great unboxing experience. When you give importance to the customer’s need for safe products, it uplifts your status in the customer’s eyes. They feel more valuable after getting secure packaging solutions with inserts. Further it becomes the basis for considering your products in the future. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Inserts

We talked about the benefits of the packaging inserts. But you must be unaware of how to start the designing of these inserts. 

Most of the products does not come exact fit inside the boxes. At this point, the custom inserts fill the gaps inside the boxes and make products protective. 

What should you think when thinking about custom protective packaging inserts?

  1. The number of products inside one box
  2. The real dimensions of these products
  3. How you can give the products an exact fit within the custom inserts
  4. The extent of protection needs of every product
  5. how the inserts can be reused or disposed
  6. what you want to deliver about your brand value to customers
  7. how to show the brand message
  8. what would the size and style of inserts?

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Implementation of Packaging Inserts

Usually, inserts are considered to hold the products securely. However, inserts are more important than that. They can be used for other different purposes. The most prominent one is the promotional inserts to advertise the brands. The custom inserts are also used to give a luxurious look to products inside the boxes. 

Here, we mention some ideas for creating inspiring insert cards. 

Promotional Insert Cards

  • Thank You, Card Inserts and Personal Notes

Customers feel valued when they find the beautiful custom insert card with the product. It gives them a positive view of the brand, and they feel a connection with your product. 

  • Coupon or Discount Offers

With the high inflation worldwide, people search for discounted products. Giving the discount deals information on the insert card gives customers satisfaction. You can talk about the discounts on other products as well. It will stick the customers to any brand. 

  • Social Share Product Review Request 

Give the customer a chance to align with your brand through the insert packaging. Encourage them to give feedback through brands' social media accounts. You can mention these account details on the insert cards to get feedback. 

  • Instructions and Information

Packaging inserts must be facilitators for the clients. The best way is to print the product details on the insert card. So that customers can get the complete benefit of the products. It will also guide the user in taking the right steps before product use. 

Future Trends in Customized Packaging Inserts

The future use of customized packaging inserts is more interesting and helpful. These inserts can be handmade or printed in bulk. It all depends upon the brand's demand and budget. You can use the custom inserts as the brand's marketing agent. In the future, brands will prefer insert cards for the following reasons: 

  • Ask a favor
  • Give a gift
  • Exceptional love notes
  • Offer discount codes
  • Give away the free samples
  • To increase the engagement of customers on social media
  • Give the details of the brands

Recap of the Importance of Inserts in Customized Packaging 

Customized packaging Inserts are the best option in all ways. They serve protection and promotion purposes. It gives the packed items the exact fit and enhances their look before clients. Most brands use custom inserts to build strong customer connections. Hence, printed details help to win customers' attention. Custom inserts are of different types, and they are a sustainable choice for packaging. Moreover, they are recyclable and cause no damage to the product safety inside the boxes. 

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