How to Choose the Best and Appropriate Box Style for Your Products

08 Feb 2023, By CoCo

How to Choose the Best and Appropriate Box Style for Your Products

Each retail business is in struggles to keep pace with the latest trends. Your business can succeed using custom-made boxes to pack your retail products. Customized packaging is the best tool to promote your brand’s name. Moreover, these boxes are more cost-effective than standard boxes. You can customize the box according to your brand’s products. You can add the logo design on the box and emboss or deboss it to enhance the vibrancy of the colors.

In the customization process, the box’s style plays a significant part. You can create a remarkable first impression of your brand on the onlookers with the enacting outlook of the box.  Apart from that, you can use only types of boxes for personal use and astonish the recipient. Hence, this writing will inform you about some popular universal box styles. The key features of all these boxes are discussed below:

Choose Versatile Tray and Sleeve Boxes

A custom tray and sleeve box are also known as drawer packaging. It is the best fit to pack numerous objects such as beauty, electronics, bakery, food, apparel, etc. This box’s style comes in a two-piece form containing a bottom tray and upper sleeve. It is easy to open and reveals the items effortlessly in front of the audience. You can have it in foldable or unfold able form as well. For luxurious product packaging, you can use an unfold able rigid box. Besides this, you can give it a personal and unique touch by printing exclusive artwork and designs. Cardboard sleeve box packaging is modifiable to endless personalized solutions.

You can customize the box with advanced printing methods, add-ons, finishings, etc. It is also best for the advertisement and protection of the products. For brand promotion, you can add the logo image on the sleeve box and elevate the design patterns with embossing to stand out from the rest of the artwork. You can print the inside of the box for a beautiful unboxing experience. We also place dividers and compartments on the customers' demands that keep objects segregated and unharmed.

Enhance the Visibility of the Products with Die-cut Boxes

The use of die-cuts and window cuts in the box gives a visually appealing look to the inside items. Primarily, these boxes are used to pack precious jewelry items like wristwatches, rings, bracelets, etc., and various skincare and food items. This box style provides a spacious place for customization and is the best source for marketing the brand’s items. You can add cuts in any part of the box and attach a vivid PVC sheet to protect items against contamination, soil, germs, etc. Custom die cut boxes are highly customizable. Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated die-cut boxes can be tailor-made into any shape, size, and style. At the same time, you can pick out a die-cut rigid box to present the expensive fashion accessories elegantly before the buyers.

Convenient to Carry and Ship Custom Gable Boxes

Usually, gable boxes are used for food takeaways. However, you can utilize them to pack several beauty items and gift purposes. The specialty of this box is in its handles. Adding a handle in the box makes it convenient for customers to carry and handle it. Custom gable boxes are preferred due it’s easy to customize, ship, and carry nature. You can customize the gable box with die-cuts to provide a sneak peek preview of the packed items. As for as the box’s material is concerned, you can go with kraft, cardboard, and rigid.

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Enhance the Worth of the Brand with Pillow Box Packaging

Custom pillow boxes are included among one the trendiest box styles. You can set your brand’s products apart by packing them in these unique boxes. They provide safe storage to the objects and keep them enclosed. You can use them to pack an extensive range of products from jewelry to food, apparel, beauty, and bakery. You can customize the pillow packaging with innumerable customized options. You can adorn it with ribbons and die-cuts.

Straight Tuck End Boxes for the Encasing of Fragile Products

Straight-tuck end boxes (STE Box)are a considerable choice for packaging skin care serums, hemp oil bottles, and beautiful perfumes. They keep these oil and serum containers compacted and secure from compression and breakage. Besides this, you can get them in the required size and shape under the specifications of your products.

Why Choose Urgent Boxes for the Selection of Best Box’s Style Packaging?

Our company consists of skilled staff of packaging creators. You can connect with them and convey your requirements. They will guide you about an ideal box’s style following your product’s needs. Besides this, we also provide design samples in 2D and 3D form for the client’s satisfaction before the order's commencement. You can place your order now and let our experts assist you in bringing your brand to heights. How to reach us? The contact details are as follows:

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