Difference Between Greaseproof and Wax Paper

31 May 2024, By Adam

Difference Between Greaseproof and Wax Paper

Learn the difference Between Greaseproof and wax paper to select the appropriate one.

You may know the greaseproof paper and wax paper for baking and cooking. But these papers have potential beyond this. Both are nonstick and greaseproof, found on the shelves side by side. Most of the people use these papers interchangeably. However, they have different characteristics that make them suitable for specific tasks. 

Greaseproof paper, also called parchment paper, is heat-resistant and nonsticky. It provides a nonstick surface to bake on the different products.

Not to be confused with wax paper and greaseproof paper. They may look the same but have different attributes. Wax paper is moisture resistant, and this, too, gives a nonstick surface. But it cannot resist heat as the other paper can do it. Hence, wax papers are not helpful in baking process due to high temperature.

Greaseproof Paper Vs Wax Paper

In cooking and food packaging, the greaseproof paper is the best choice. Due to its ability to resist heat and oil, it comes first. People use this paper to bake food items, and it remains sustainable. On the other hand, the wax paper is infused with paraffin wax and sometimes with soybeans or beeswax. This makes it unfit for the baking food items.

If you use wax paper in baking items, its wax will melt and mix with food. This result stops the manufacturers to use wax papers in ovens. Wax papers have different potential and become essential in other situations.

Here, we mention the two papers' fundamental differences and benefits.

What is Greaseproof Paper?

Greaseproof paper is specially made to pass through the heat and grease. This absorbs the grease of food and makes it oil-free. Therefore, food packaging prefers these papers in baking to penetrate all the heat inside the oven. These papers remain excellent for lining baking trays and wrapping food items. Hence, its property to resist oily substances saves food from sticking to the surface. 

Benefits of Greaseproof Paper

There are numerous benefits of greaseproof paper than wax paper. But we have mentioned a few of them.

  • Heat Resistant

The ability of greaseproof paper to withstand high temperatures makes it the best. These papers can not catch heat and do not burn in high temperatures. This quality makes these papers perfect for lining baking trays and oven wracks.

  • More Sustainable

The greaseproof papers are certified food gradable and quickly decompose after their use. This makes it safe for use in the food packaging. These papers are more sustainable and keep the items edible. Its hygienic nature protects the items from germs and other harmful factors.

  • Grease Resistant

The most crucial benefit of greaseproof paper is its resistance for grease or oil. That’s why brands use this paper in the food section. It is an easily decomposable and safe solution for all the items.  The use of greaseproof paper ensures leakage free packaging.  

  • Parchment like Texture

The parchment-like texture of greaseproof paper makes it nonsticky. Therefore, brands prefer it for bakery items. The non-sticky surface helps you line baking trays.

Common Uses of Greaseproof

  • Greaseproof paper is commonly used in the bakery business. Its lining on bakery trays saves the products from sticking to the surface.
  • The use of greaseproof paper in the food sector saves the original taste and texture. It facilitates you in easy clean up.
  • It is also used to wrap food items like sandwiches, cakes and other items. 

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What is Wax Paper?

The official paper that is waxed with paraffin, soyabean or wax bean. Typically, these papers are nonstick and moisture-resistant.  Wax paper is not suitable for cooking and baking. If you use this, its coating will melt and destroy the taste of the food. However, these papers are used to wrap food items in restaurants securely.

This wax coating gives the paper special power and makes it grease-resistant. Thus, brands and restaurants use this paper to hold the food with safety.  

Benefits of Wax Papers

Wax paper is commonly used in all food restaurants. It makes food brands easier in many ways. The most popular benefits of these papers are

  • Moisture Resistant

Nobody like to get the soggy products due to moisture. Therefore, brands put special efforts into sustaining the food taste and quality with wax papers. These papers have great potential to save food from water particles. If you pack burgers or sandwiches, they ensure the crispiness of food items.

  • Promotional Tool

The use of wax paper in the food industry is not limited to food preservation. They have the potential to promote your business in a competitive market. Custom-printed wax papers are excellent for giving your brand information to customers. Mention brand name or unique logo designs to introduce your products with authentic backgrounds. It will become a unique strategy that will remain in the customer’s mind.

  • Barriers to the Outside Factors

The use of wax paper is essential to protect the packed items. They stop the germs, dust and other particles outside the boxes. So that food would remain safe and sound inside the packaging.

Common Uses of Wax Papers

  • Wax paper is the most essential part of the food industry. They preserve the food from all the harmful factors.
  • The other use of wax paper is its ability to promote your business. They are easily customizable in any design, shape and print.
  • You can enjoy the maximum attention of customers with colorful wax papers. It will impact the customer’s mind very positively.


After reading this blog, you may get the point of the key difference between greaseproof and wax papers. Both have their unique qualities and benefits. You can select the paper that suits your product needs at that time.

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